A great team in Riva del GardaTraining Swiss Optimist

World and Top 10 Optimist Team 

Riva del Garda

October 2006



Team:  Matthias, Vincent, Erika, Alex, Tim (World Team) + Gaetan, Sebastien, Guillaume and Florian (from Top 10)

Coaching: Carolina and  Eze  Support: SNG (remorque), Swiss-Sailing (mini-bus), CNV (Site web)


Pictures:  Monday , Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, Friday evening, Saturday , le retour


Videos:  V1 V2






Jean-Paul téléphone toujours au garage 3 fois par jour. Toujours pas de nouvelles. Prochain topo à 15h00.

Entre-temps, Carolina nous a envoyé les photos de notre retour



Enfin de retour en Suisse. Le bus est tombé en panne à 10 kms de Riva et n’a pu être réparé.  D’ici quelques jours les photos de notre saga de retour ( Transport du bus et opti par un camion), Taxi bus à Vérone, Voitures de location, hôtel etc…. Carolina doit encore faire le trajet Geneve-Zurich.

Il ne nous manque plus que les bateaux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samedi Midi – Message de Eze

Dear Friends,


The final day came looking very cloudy, still wind, around 6-10knots

A reduced group of sailors, Vincent, Alex, Erika, Sebastien and Gaetan practiced together with Gardesan Joyce Floridia (35kg) and Spaniard Javi Borrego (32 kg, brother of the well notorious Optimist European Champion Elia Borrego).


Such a light condition gave chances to the lightest sailors of the fleet, specially because we experimented a new format of practice: starting downing, the up and the down again, towards to improved the run leg sailing, and because in that way, the first mark turn all the boats came together, and It was a nice simulation of a real regatta.


After that, team racing regattas and finally we finish the day with the last individual regatta of the week.


I would like to express my satisfaction for the result obtained this week, either on technical and human side.

They a wonderful group of sailors, with an incredible sailing potential, capable to contend on the most important races worldwide.

But mostly, they are a group of healthy, passionate and responsible kids that will get the reward and the noble values of the sport of Sailing , like friendship, fair play, self-confidence and competitiveness.


Finally, I would like to thank you parents for your trust and support.

I really hope to organise another camp in the future.


Best Wishes, Eze




Samedi matin


Réveil impossible : voir les photos. Déjeuner lent, appartements vidés.

09h00 sur l’eau. 12 nds. Ciel gris. Les mains de Guillaume sont en trop mauvais état pour naviguer. Il accompagne Carolina sur l’eau.


Vendredi soir Message de Eze


Breaking news of day 4:


Today morning, we had a great surprise.

The northern wind started blowing again as it usual does it, means 20-22 knots.

We did some individual races, We Mattias Erika and Vincent shared the honours.

I have to say that I felt really satisfied of the boat handling, in my opinion the team have done great improvements on heavy air.


After 3 races, be decide to do “extreme” team racing, with 20 knots, close to the land (very shifty and tricky).

Many of you are acknowledged sailors, or at least have experience enough to understand how difficult is to do team racing on that conditions.

However, the team managed to sail this rough conditions, doing around 30 tacks per beat (the first was only 150m.) match racing, and 5-6 gybes despite the inclemency of the environment.


The wind dropped around 13.00, we went back to lunch at the sailing Club.


Afterwards, the highlight of the day: I find a nautical chart of the Port of Montevideo and the surroundings, and since I’ve been sailing there many times, we did had a technical discussion of the condition that the World team will find at the Worlds Championship.

It was an outstanding moment, and a enormous satisfaction for me.

Every kid paid a lot of attention on the explanation, they did questions, and I believe that they are going to have a solid background to face the complex conditions of Montevideo.

The chat got pretty technical, when I had to explain the rules of the thermal winds, specially taking into count the fact that in the southern hemisphere the things work different sometimes. (Low and high pressure sense, Corioli force, etc…)

Funny faces, a lot of questions, and a great briefing overall.


At the afternoon Mattias, florian and Tim had to leave, the wind came light, 6-7 knots, we sail with the Italians, and after we finish the day with the bike races.

Results as follows








Finally, we had a very pleasant dinner, and a massive ice cream at world Class famous “Gelateria Flora” (you have to taste this ice cream…!!!!)


Tomorrow is the final day, early appointment at Fraglia Vela Riva, and expecting to find wind, as always…


Buenas Noches, Eze





Vendredi soir

Super matinée, vent aussi fort que mardi 4- 5 bf

Repas (pâtes au thon) à terre. Départ de Tim, Matthias et Florian (voir photos)

Petits airs dans l’après-midi. Ce soir on va essayer de sortir de la logique pâtes-pizza. Sortie à Torbole avec Eze

Demain matin, lever 7H15, sur l’eau à 9h00, bagages faits. Reps chaud à 13h00 avant de prendre la route.

Chargement des bateaux avant ou après le repas suivant le vent.

Enfin deux petites vidéos en ligne (échauffement du matin) et encore une centaine de photos (merci à Carolina)


Vendredi matin


Réveil pénible, les muscles commencent à se faire sentir.

8h40 sur l’eau après un échauffement. Le vent est bien établi. Le nombre de planches sorties en témoigne.



Jeudi soir  Message de Eze


Dear Friends


Breaking news of day three:


Today we started the day earlier that usual ,with some sleepy faces but still willing to sail.

Northern wind, 15-20 knots.

I decided to sail close to Riva del Garda, with 10-12 knot and choppy waves, because those are the conditions that the sailors should find at Montevideo.

Individual races (2) where Mattias, Tim and Vincent excel, not only for their boat handling, but mostly for the tactics (it was really tricky, due to the proximity of the land).


Later we did team racing practice.

We split the group in 3 teams of 3 sailors.

Two teams sail against each other with Carolina as umpire, and the other three sailors practiced with me intensive team racing (2 against 1, how to cover a boat in two sailors, how to help a team mate, how to create a wall, etc)

The teams where as follows:

-Tim, Mattias, Vincent

-erika, alex guillome

-Sebastien, Gaetan, florian


After that the northern wind stopped blowing, and I decided to came back to the club for pasta lunch, because the sailors where getting tired of the quantity of time spent on water, as well as the sandwiches and pizza…!!!


We had a big pasta Bolognese at the Clubhouse, the kids where starving..!!!!


At the afternoon, some sailors changes equipment, expecting for the light wind that finally came.

Lake Garda “betrayed” us by blowing “only” 6-8 knots (sometimes 10), but is was good enough to make individual races.

Three Italian sailor joined us, always strong ones, they animated the races.

At around 1700 the wind disappeared and we came back to the club.

No technical briefing after sailing today, tired and sunburned faces indicates that they need a little break, until tomorrow morning when the wind start blowing again…..!!!!!!!


That’s pretty much all for today.

Buenas Noches….!!!!!!!




Jeudi  soir

Retour à 17h15. Vent medium à faible : le retour à vélo fut plus rapide.

Ce soir, après douche, devoir et autres, repas à Riva et dégustation de gelati.

Sabine, Tim, Matthias et Florian nous quitteront demain après l’entraînement.

Le plan pour les romands est de profiter encore du vent samedi matin avant de rentrer.


Jeudi  Matin


Levés à 07h15 après une nuit réparatrice. Sur l’eau dès 08h30 !

Repas de midi à terre. Les airs semblent moins fort, mais établis.

Changement de voiles pour Erika et Gaetan et de bateaux pour Vincent et Matthias cet après-midi ; repos pour Florian légèrement indisposé.


Mercredi soir  Message de Eze


Dear friends


Breaking news of day II:


Another splendid sailing day on Lake Garda.

The Autumn is giving us a great surprise, and against every forecast we have a very pleasant temperature (well up the average), sunshine days and still warm water (around 18 degrees).


Morning Sailing:


We started the day at 08.15 at Fraglia Vela Riva.


We had a technical briefing where we focused on boat handling.

I think, indeed, that accurate boat handling is the most important objective of the week.

I did a technical explanation of the body management on the boat on high, medium and light winds, and after that we did a simulation on land that happened to be really funny and instructive.


Later, around 0930, we went sailing with a shifty, tricky and very tactical Northern wind of 18-20 knots.

Initially, we did a long manoeuvre session to warm up, and later the sailor exercised the technical advices of the boat handling briefing.

I have to say that I’ve seen a remarkable improvement on every sailor, specially on high winds.

The last to hours of the morning-noon practice, we did 3 races where the results varied a lot (a clear indication that the sailor’s level is improving), but one sailor shown a flawless performance: Vincent.

With three impeccable bullets (1-1-1) he did the hat-trick of the day, giving no chance to the rest of the competitors.

However, I have to congratulate the rest of the team as well, specially the light sailors who never gave up, and sometimes did a great races.


 Afternoon sailing:


After a lunch break (the wind dropped and changes direction in only 26 minutes today!!!!!) we continue the session doing team racing regattas.

Southern wind, 6-10 knots.

Tough and fair regattas, with exciting finals, a lot of shouts and protests, some crashes (no damage parents!!!, but keep you insurance policy ready…ahahahaaa…!!!)

The World team is building its own stile, we practice some special moves, and match racing pre-start tactics.


The wind raised up to 15-18 knot by the end of the afternoon (very constant and tactically simple), and I decide to proceed with more individual races.

The Italian sailors joined us (2 of them), including Gardesan Pietro Parisi, a youngster local sailor that dominates most of the races on lake Garda and around Italy.

Pietro scored a consistent 1-1-1, being particularly fast on the downwind legs, which demonstrated some weakness on the Swiss team, and a lot of auto critic to do for tomorrow.


Finally, we did the Bike’s assignment race, and the result were the following:












We came in around 1730, we had another briefing, pointing on the differences of downwind boat handling with Pietro Parisi, and we finished the day.


Now I go to bed, I’m exhausted…!!!!!!



Cheers, Eze

(sorry for the mistakes, written English is a language that I don’t’ master..)




Mercredi soir


La seule différence c’est qu’aujourd’hui, il y eu plus de vent après la bascule de midi…. Retour à terre  à 17h15.

La fatigue se lit sur les visages. Les crevasses dans les mains apparaissent (Guillaume), une dent de lait de perdue (Alex), les gerçures aussi (Vincent)

Les bronzages apparaissent (tous).

Repas au restaurant en dessous des appartements. C’était « trop » bon hier ! 

Un vélo a malheureusement été volé pendant le débriefing.

Nous avons mis les photos à jour. Un grand merci à Carolina !

Et toujours pas allumé la TV dans l‘appartement 410. « trop » cool la psp.


Mercredi matin



Levés à 07h15. Petit dejeuner énergétique.

A 08h42 les moutons arrivent…. Alex avait prévu l’heure. 4 bf pour assurer l’entraînement.


Mardi soir  Message de eze


Dear Friends


Breaking news of the sailing activities and more on Day One:




Today lake Garda displayed all it’s splendour giving us a phenomenal sailing conditions.

We started early morning at 0900 with 20-25 knots of Northern Wind (Peler).

It was a rough morning for some sailor, not used to practice on this kind of conditions.

However, everybody managed to sail (despite some nose diving on downwind..!!) specially Vincent, Mattias and Erika, who seem to be inspired by the outstanding conditions.

We practiced mostly high wind boat handling, and some manoeuvres.


The northern wind blew until 13.00 (very unusual), and after a fast pizza break on the water (believe or not, but we had warm pizza on the motorboat…!!!!) the southern wind came.

8-10 knots, laying down to 5-3 at the end of the evening.

We sailed some individuals regattas, speed test, and team racing, together with Italian National Team sailor Lorenzo Zampiccolli (2nd qualified to the Worlds 2007).

On the light wind conditions, the light sailors had the “revenge” with Tim and Sebastien leading most of the races.

ON the bike races, the results change again (see below)


We came back to the club at almost 18.00, which means 9 hours of sailing!!!!, and a lot of tired faces…

Everybody looking happy, great motivation, good team spirit and a lot of enthusiasm.




I rented bikes to the sailors, and they are moving to the sailing club by bike, instead of by car.

It’s about 1 km distance, not too far.

The good thing is that, since the bikes are not all the same, we decided to make a race to assign the Bikes.

Therefore, the last race of the day is an individual regatta (Up and downwind, only one loop, the start counts a lot), and according those results, every sailors will have the right to make the choice of the bike.


Today’s results of the Bike races as follows:












That’s all for today.

Tomorrow, sailing appointment at 0830, we expect 22-25 knots.

Cheers, Eze





Training sur l'eau de 0930 à 1730 (8 heures), vent 4 - 5 bf le matin, renverse à midi (juste pour manger les pizzas livrées sur l'eau, et 2 bf l'après-midi.

Lolo (2eme Italien pour le World) a rejoint l’équipe

retour à 18h30 après briefing

Ce soir, repas dans le restaurant en dessous des appartements. Ils ont failli s'endormir sur les tables.

Demain, même météo attendue. Départ à 08h00 en tenue de navigation, pour profiter du vent.

D'autres italiens se joindront à l'entraînement

Soyez rassurés, ils vont bien dormir.

Faites de même


Les photos de mardi sont en ligne ici: http://www.cnv.ch/ecoledevoile/downloads/riva/Riva2/index.htm





Mardi matin


Bonjour à tous

Vent et soleil ce matin.

Départ à 08h00 après une bonne nuit de sommeil

les photos sont ici

Bonne journée





Lundi soir



Bonjour à tous

Quelques nouvelles de Riva.

Ce matin, levés à 08h30, petit déjeuner à 09h00.
Gréement et vérification matériel. Courses pour Sabine et moi.
Repas de pâtes à 12h00 et sur l'eau dès la première risée. Peu de vent.
retour à 16h30.
Douches, devoirs et lecture
Ce soir, pizza à Torbole. Tôt au lit. le vent est annoncé pour demain matin
et Eze veut les voir sur l'eau à 0830 !
Ils auront des vélos pour faire le trajet jusqu'au club.
Demain matin nous mettrons les photos (et peut être vidéos) en ligne